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At Dinkums, we’re committed to providing the best quality printing and customer service without impacting on the environment.

We’re on the path to carbon neutrality, which involves reducing or eliminating the carbon emissions we produce in operating our business. Where it’s not possible to avoid carbon creation, we offset our emissions. We do this by investing in certified projects from around the world that are designed to reduce, remove or capture carbon from the atmosphere through initiatives such as reforestation, renewable energy production and improving energy efficiency.

The net effect of this strategy is carbon neutral printing for our customers and a happy environment!

sustainability picThe largest contributor to our carbon footprint is the production of the power we use to run our machines and to keep the lights on.

We’ve recently switched from our traditional fossil fuel-based energy provider to energy entirely from renewable sources. Working with Green Power , we’re now able to source our energy from projects using such as wind, solar and environmentally friendly other means.

Our ‘zero-carbon’ footprint Renewable energy production has effectively reduced our electricity-based carbon emissions by around 1.5 tonnes per month or 18 tonnes a year!

We only source our paper from suppliers who carry the FSC® certifcation. FSC stands for ‘Forest Steward Council’ and to achieve this accreditation and display the logo, paper mills need to comply with stringent standards for responsible forest management and practices.

Find out more about FSC here.

We also prioritise paper suppliers who are committed to maintaining ‘Chain-of-Custody’ (CoC) and other environmental certifications, including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) for sustainability sourced and manufactured papers. The papers we offer are either FSC® or PEFC certified.

Our supplier mills also operate with renewable energy and incorporate programs that focus on reducing water usage and waste.

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We work closely with experts in this field who can help us achieve our sustainability goals including Greenfleet and Greener for Business.