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If you’re ready to submit a job, you can do so here.

Please check to make sure you file, ideally a PDF, is print ready. For example, your colour settings are CMYK, your file contains at least 3mm of bleed and crop marks, it’s set at the size you require, your design in flattened, etc.. For more information on making your files print ready, you check out the blogs on the right.

You can send files from the file transfer section below.

And please ensure to provide as much detailed specification information as possible so there and no holds and we can get the job done as quickly as possible.

If you need any help, or would prefer to email your job in, you can do so at

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Print Help

Dinkums is more than just a printer. Our Print Help section contains value information and useful tips and advice to help you make your files the print ready.

Otherwise, check out these blogs for useful information that will ensure you get the best print job possible.

For a more detailed explanation of proper artwork set up and file management, click here to download our Artwork Specifications Guide.

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