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Plan Printing

Dinkums Print has been supporting the architectural, construction and engineering industry with plan printing and other architectural drawings for many years – since 1991, in fact.

We understand the need for high-quality, high-resolution plan prints and the importance of getting the job done and delivered, quickly and professionally.

We do this by using the latest equipment, including our new HP Pagewide XL5100 that can print an amazing 9 A0 prints per minute. This enables us to produce hundreds of prints of just about any size and get them to you within hours.

We provide a range of print services including B&W and Colour line drawings and renders in sizes up to A0 in any quantity you require. Scanning and laminating services are also available.

And now you have the added convenience of being able to order plan printing online from our online store – anytime, anywhere.

Order online to save time.

Our product range consists of detailed plan prints from basic architectural drawings and plan prints to detailed renders, both in colour or B&W.

Sizing is available in common A or B series sizes – A2, A1, B1 and A0. However, if you need something different, our custom-sized prints are available to suit your requirement, up to around 1m wide on any side and virtually as long as you need.

We can also provide scanning services for up to A0 size prints in 600dpi resolution quality. Ideal for digitizing old prints and reducing physical storage space. These would need to be provided in reasonable condition to enable them to go thru the scanning rollers without tearing.

We stock the most commonly used plan paper in the 80gsm bond. It’s available in rolls of 594mm or 841mm and supports the common ‘A’ series sizes. Custom-sized prints can be trimmed down as required.

Other paper options include weights in 100gsm and a 160gsm coated matt for super high quality.

plan printingWe used the best brands on the market that provide the best quality available, regularly updating our equipment to ensure we meet our objective on being able to provide speed and detailed quality, and where you need it, sharp, clear colours.

The HP Pagewide XL5100 can produce detailed prints at a rate of 9 A0’s per minute and can handle large jobs with short deadlines easily.

Or there’s our Epson Surecolor T7200 which is ideal for fine detail prints and has A0+ scanning capabilities up to 600dpi.

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