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Dinkums Print has a comprehensive range of professional and practical booklet printing and booklet binding options for customised one-off jobs to large production runs.

Choose from Perfect Binding, Saddle Stitching, Wire and Plastic Binding and Thermal Binding options. We also offer Hard Cover Book Binding services where you can design your own cover artwork – ideal for photobooks, thesis books and high-quality presentation manuals. Hard Cover options are available in a ring-binder or wire-bound book format.

We carry a wide range of binding material options for basic customisation, or if you want something more special, we can add finishing touches to your book, including embossed/debossed, laminated or foiled covers.

We’re well equipped with the latest and most up-to-date equipment to ensure you get the best quality and fastest turn-around, with most variations available within a 24 hour turnaround.

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding delivers a high-quality, professional look that involves gluing the content to a wrap-around cover.

This option not only looks good but is versatile. It’s suitable for a range of booklet thicknesses starting with 3mm spine and all the way up to 60mm.

We do our perfect binding with the latest, most advanced binding equipment, which means you’re not only guaranteed to get the best quality, we can turn-around jobs on the same day.

Saddle Stitched Books

Saddle Stitching is a process that involves stapling the folded pages together in the spine area, not unlike most common magazines.

It’s a quick and cost effective option that can be done as part of the printing process for quick turn-around.

The maximum number of pages is around 80 (20 folded sheets or spreads) but will depend on the thickness of the paper.

Hard Cover Book Binding

Dinkums offers a range of Hard Cover book binding options, featuring a selection of cover material finishes and embellishing options. Ideal for high-quality photobooks, thesis binding, catalogues, notebooks, presentations and more.

Hard cover books can be done as short-run, bespoke production or high volume runs and you can expect fast turn-around with our in-house capabilities.

Choose from matt or gloss paper or linen coated covers. Select your own print for the paper coated options or choose from a range of standard linen colours – silver, navy blue, black and quartz. Foiling and embossing are also available for the linen option.

Thesis Printing

Dinkums makes hard cover Thesis Printing & Binding a quick and easy process for one-off jobs or more.

Select from a range of standard colours – darl blue, black, silver and quartz.

Books can contain foiling on the covers in black, gold or silver using a ‘digital foiling’ process. Unlike traditional ‘block foiling’, which is inaccessible for small quantities, digital foiling can be done quickly and economically for single books.

Thesis binding can cater for up to 340 sheets (using 80gsm paper)

Thermal Binding

Thermal Binding involves a process where the pages are bound together with an adhesive material strip over the spine.

It’s quickly and easy for a smart, sleek look and there are five strip colours to choose from.

You can design your own cover artwork and print n a range of papers.

Thermal binding is available for booklets from 10 sheets thick to a massive 300 sheets.

Wire Binding

Ideal for a professional look with functionality, wire binding is another in-house binding option.

Available with a range of wire colours (black, white and silver), the wire binding product comes complete with a clear or frosted acetate cover and a backing card of your choice.

Wire bound presentations look fantastic, particularly for CVs, manuals or promotional booklets, and provide added functionality of being able to be laid flat while open.

Wire sizes range from 6mm to 32mm or as low as 2 sheets all the way to 245 sheets.

Plastic Comb Binding

Plastic Comb binding is easy to assemble and has the added advantage that it can be taken apart to add or remove pages, and re-bound again.

Choose from a large range of colours for covers and plastic coils to suit just about any job.

Coils range from 6mm to 50mm which means you can start with just 2 sheets and go all the way to 450 sheets.

In most cases, plastic binding can be done on the spot, while you wait.

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