Wire Bound Books

Wire Bound Books

Wire Binding is a high-quality and durable book binding option that’s perfect for a range of applications.

Wire bound, or spiral bound, books can hold a high volume of pages and are particularly useful if the book needs to be laid flat.

Typical applications include calendars, workbooks, manuals, diaries and presentation documents.

You can choose from a wide range of paper options. In fact, there are no limits to the paper weights and finishes that can be used for wire bound books.

Wire bound books are usually supplied with a clear or frosted acetate/plastic cover and a thick ‘leather grain’ back cover. Many books have a thicker cover page behind the acetate cover.

Binding wires are available in black, white & silver, while acetate covers are available in clear or frosted finishes. Wire binding books can hold up to 245 sheets.

wind bound books

Cover Features – Customise with your own print design.

Cover Media & Finishes – Typically supplied with an acetate front cover and a leather grain card back.

Additional Covers – An additional cover print behind the acetate can use any paper type.

Page/Thickness Limits – With 80gsm paper, max. number of pages is around 245.

Wire Colours – Black, White, Silver.

Sizes – From around A6 to A3

*Minimum orders apply.

Wire Bound books consist of a series of single sheets, usually with double-sided prints, that are hole-punched to wire binding.

– Artwork should be provided for the printed cover and the content in 1 file.

– The artwork should be set up as separate, individual pages to the final size with 5mm of bleed and crop marks. Our printer software will set up the artwork to print as a booklet.

– Ensure important text and images are at least 15mm from the spine area to ensure holes are not punched through these.

– The total page number of the book needs to be a multiple of two.

– Save and send your file as a PDF.


It’s not uncommon for wire bound books to have an acetate cover over the top of a heavier weight paper cover. Alternatively, you can exclude the acetate cover.

The full range of paper weight options are available for the cover and content.

Books are often supplied with a clear or frosted acetate front cover and a leather grain back cover that comes in a range of paper options.

Wire bound books can be produced in a range of sizes, with the most common being around A4 or A5 size.

The range of sizes we’re able to produce starts at around A6 and goes to A3 portrait or landscape.

The maximum thickness of wire bound books is around 245 80gsm pages, approx 120 sheets or 32mm.

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