Perfect Binding

The Perfect Binding Option

Perfect Binding involves gluing the content to a wrap-around cover, that produces a high-quality, professional look.

It not only looks good, but it’s versatile. Perfect binding is suitable for a range of booklets and applications, accommodating more pages than other options. It starts at a thickness of 4mm and goes all the way up to 60mm.

We do our perfect binding with the latest, most advanced binding equipment, which means you’re not only guaranteed to get the best quality, we can turn-around jobs on the same day.

Perfect binding offers the flexibility of a choice of custom sizes and the ability to hold more pages than other binding methods.

Covers paper options extend across the range of paperweights and finishes which are commonly available at the Dinkums – from 100gsm matt to 350gsm matt or coated papers. And you can add other features like laminating, and with minimum volumes, foiling and embossing.

Perfect binding is ideal for annual reports, high-quality magazines, coffee table books, cookbooks, real estate presentations, portfolio books, and more.

Cover Features – Customise with your own print design

Cover Media & Finishes – Most paperweights in gloss, matt & silk. Can be laminated.

Inside Covers – Like the outside cover, can be printed.

Page/Thickness Limits – Content can be up to 60mm thick. Needs to be more than about 4mm.

Other Options – ‘Block’ Foiling & Embossing Covers*

Foil Colours – Black, Gold, Silver, Copper*

Sizes – From around A5 portrait or landscape to A4 portrait

*Minimum orders apply.

perfect bindingPerfect bound books have a one-piece cover that wraps around the content.

– Artwork should be provided in 2 files. One for the cover at the full size (for eg, an A4 book would require an A3 cover – plus the spine) with both the front and back – or inside cover – artwork, and the other for the content.

– The cover needs to include a spine area that accommodates the total thickness of the contact pages. Unless the book is quite thick, avoid text on the spine as it may not line up exactly in the centre.

– The content should be supplied as separate pages, to the final size with 5mm of bleed and crop marks. The first page of the content is page 3 of the book.

– Approx 3-4mm of the content pages will be in the spine gutter. Ensure your text and images are at least 10mm from the spine area.

– Save and send your file as a PDF.

In many perfect bound books, the cover uses a heavier paper, and sometimes a different finish, compared to the content paper.

Cover paper can range from 100gsm to 350gsm, however, content paper should be limited to a maximum of around 200gsm otherwise it may not adhere to the spine properly.

Depending on the type of content paper that is used, the minimum thickness of a book will be around 4mm or around 30 pages. If there are too few sheets, the paper won’t adhere to the spine and will potentially fall out.

The maximum thickness is around 60mm.

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