About Us

Dinkums Print & Design is based on the fringe on the Melbourne CBD. We've been a trusted provider of printing and design solutions for the past 25 years!

Our strong reputation has evolved with the focus of three important elements;

  • Printing Quality – experienced staff and always the latest technology

  • On call – Open 7 days a week, almost every day of the year.

  • Fast turnaround – We get the job done quickly!

Dinkums is a ‘non-franchise’ printing and design specialist that was established in 1991. As an independent business, we're flexible, agile and enthusiastically focused on providing customer print, design and other solutions – not matter how challenging. We’ve built a strong reputation over the years for providing quality product & services and fast turn-around, underpinned by a personal and collaborative customer service mindset.

Our aim is to be more than a 'printer'. As a strategic partner, we give you access to the best, most comprehensive range of products, services and solutions - not just printing, but design services, online facilities that include print ordering and access to editable design templates, website development & SEO services, signage & display material and a range of ink & toner cartridges, and other print consumables, all from our online portal.

Thanks for visiting our website and we looking forward to serving you soon.
Manager, John Wilson

"Our focus on customer service is what sets us
apart from our competitors"

Clients & Collaborators

Our Printing Group

Based in the heart of Melbourne and serving small to large businesses with a diverse range of printed product and graphic design services. We understand the needs of our corporate sector and the importance of fast turn-around and high quality product and support.

Ability to serve medium to large business with integrated solutions that support the printing process. Includes creative design services, web development and print management services including broader product sourcing and warehousing and distribution.

From consumers to creatives and SME businesses alike, Dinkums provides tailored and customised services and well as high volume print jobs. We've focused on providing support and guidance with a broad product offering for over 30 years.